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I have managed to generate $33,185 in gross sales selling access to your innovative software

Simon, I don't usually write testimonials, and you didn't ask me for this, but I feel obligated to let you know how your AI apps have changed my business. I've been making a full-time living helping people do business online since way back in 1996 (yes, I'm no youngster). The last few years this Internet marketing niche had become stale and overrun with scammy products and services. The emergence of artificial Intelligence has changed all that, and your new software has allowed me to tap into the AI revolution.

In just over six months, I have managed to generate $33,185 in gross sales selling access to your innovative software. Granted, I have an established opt-in email list that I've built over the years, so I can send 1000 or so warm leads to an offer whenever I want. But your software solutions are in high-demand and just what I needed to revive my enthusiasm for helping others succeed online!

All four apps I have promoted have performed flawlessly, with hundreds of members using each one. My subscribers love using them and I use them too, to save time and grow my business. Thanks again for everything you and Richard do, I look forward to your future software product releases!

Jim Daniels

Review of Founders and Founders24 by Richard Mark and Simon Phillips. "I buy a lot of rebrandable and whitelabel software products; some sell well, while others don't. However, Richard and Simon's software, from Founders and Founders24, have far exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism was evident right away. The software itself is of exceptional quality, with functionality that is well-suited to my target audience. What actually distinguishes Richard and Simon is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their support team is not only swift, but also very responsive. Any questions or concerns I had were swiftly resolved, allowing me to focus on building my business without distraction. Furthermore, the ROI has been tremendous. I've not only covered the original cost of the software, but exceeded it by a large amount. In fact, I've made over $800 in total, including sales from my affiliates. This illustrates the effectiveness and marketability of the software they offer. One aspect that I particularly value is the smooth connection with platforms such as W+ having this integration incorporated into whitelabel products has considerably simplified my administrative responsibilities. It streamlines the entire process, allowing me to manage sales more efficiently while also focusing on business growth. In a nutshell, Richard and Simon's product has proven to be an invaluable asset to my business. Their expertise, excellent service, and ROI speak to the quality of their products. I definitely suggest Richard and Simons whitelabel software to anyone looking for dependable and profitable whitelabel software solutions, and I eagerly await the upcoming new products. 

Craig Galloway

I was happy to invest as I've known Simon since 2012 (and knew of and met Richard a couple of times over those years too), I've earned a lot of income from software apps Simon has coded over those last 12 years. So when he showed the AI apps that he and Richard were releasing, At a time when I was heavily invested in learning and using AI - It was a no brainer to get them online and both helping my business, as well as earning for me in my business. Both of which they have done very nicely. With sales of 'my apps' now at $7k and rising, they have been a great addition to my portfolio. As well as a helpful 'AId' in some of my business activities through their use.

PLUS as a side note: It's as though Si remembers working with me, and how non-techy I always was, so he's designed and coded the apps to be a straight forward easy install and rebrand. As well as logical and even fun to use them.

From our ongoing chats, I know it took him a while to learn the behind the scenes prompting, (I know cos it took me a good bit of daily study and practice too), but it does seem obvious that it was worth it, as he genuinely seems to have coded them to do 'exactly what they say on the tin!'

I look forward to the next release and adding to my suite of app :)

randy smith

"In just two weeks of using one of Exclusive Software Labs' innovative software products, I have seen remarkable financial results, earning $1600 effortlessly. The software's intuitive design and effectiveness far exceeded my expectations, offering an unmatched user experience. The support team behind this product is equally impressive, providing prompt and helpful assistance whenever needed. Exclusive Software Labs truly stands out in the tech industry, and I am eager to explore more of their offerings. Highly recommended for anyone looking to achieve real financial success through advanced technological solutions."

glen merrick

I love e-Scribe not only for what it does (and it does it well) but also for the fact that it's a white-label, installable script. This gives you complete control over the app and its functionality, freeing you from depending on 3rd parties for your business operations. The vendors are seasoned marketers with a good track record of product quality and customer support. The installation process of the app is very easy - anyone following the very clear, step-by-step video tutorials, can succeed in installing the app. I highly recommend it!


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We have 20 Exclusive Software Lab Founders Deal's only! 

  • Full Access To SocialCrafterAI
  • Full Access To ContentCrafterAI
  • Full Access To AffiliateCrafterAI
  • Full Access To ImageCrafterAI
  • Includes Special Two License Pack
  • Includes All Plugins Including Autoresponder
  • Includes All Plugins Including Credits System
  • Includes All Plugins Including Ads System
  • Includes All Plugins Including Page System
  • Includes All Plugins Including Sales System
  • Includes Free Instalation
  • Includes Free Hosting For One Year
  • Includes Free Logo Design
  • Includes Sales Page Fully Formatted
  • Includes Full Marketing Pack


Unlock the Future of Blogging with ContentCrafterAI!

Every blogger knows the challenge: creating fresh, captivating content consistently. The sleepless nights, the writer's block, the desperate search for inspiration—it's all too familiar. But what if there was a way to supercharge your creative process?

Enter ContentCrafterAI: A game-changer in the realm of content creation:

AI-Powered Mastery: Our cutting-edge AI transforms the spark of your idea into a blazing fire of compelling content. Say goodbye to hours of staring at a blank page and let our system craft prose that resonates.

A Personal Touch, Every Time: This isn't just about automation. ContentCrafterAI ensures that every piece it crafts mirrors your unique voice and style. It's like having a personal writing assistant that knows you inside out.

Visual Brilliance At Your Fingertips: Why stop at words? Elevate your content with mesmerizing AI-generated images. Let each post be a visual symphony that captivates your audience from the get-go.

Seamless Publishing Magic: The world needs to see your content, and we make it happen effortlessly. With our direct WordPress integration, publishing masterpieces or scheduling them for the perfect moment is a breeze.


Unlock the Future of Social Promotion with SocialCrafterAI!

SocialCrafterAI: Revolutionizing Social Media Content Creation
SocialCrafterAI is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to streamline and enhance the process of creating compelling social media content. Whether you're crafting posts, videos, ads, or any other form of content, SocialCrafterAI is your go-to solution for generating high-quality and diverse content variations.

AI-Powered Content Generation: Generate multiple versions of a single piece of content, ensuring you have a variety of options to choose from. Create content for various platforms including posts, videos, and ads.

Full Editing Capabilities:  Fine-tune the AI-generated content with a robust editing suite. Customize content to align with your brand voice and messaging.

Full Project Management: Keep track of all your projects inside the app and manage ccampaigns and projects together.

Diverse Content Variations: Never run out of fresh content ideas. With multiple variations for each piece, you can keep your audience engaged and intrigued.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with user experience in mind, SocialCrafterAI offers an intuitive interface that makes content creation a breeze.


Discover the Future of Affiliate Marketing with AffiliateCrafterAI!

AffiliateCrafterAI is a state-of-the-art tool

Designed to revolutionize affiliate marketing. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it provides a comprehensive solution for creating high-impact affiliate promotions.

AI-Driven Content Creation: 
Enter the specifics of your campaign, and let the AI do the work. From finely-tuned emails to engaging ad copy, expect content that resonates.

Multi-Platform Campaigns: 
With just a few inputs, AffiliateCrafterAI crafts full campaigns. Whether it's for email, online ads, or social media, have a cohesive message across all platforms.

Bonus Generator: 
Enhance your affiliate offerings. The tool suggests and provides ready-to-use bonuses, making your promotion even more enticing for potential customers.

Step 1: I
nput Campaign Details – Describe your product, target audience, and any other relevant details.
Step 2: 
Let AffiliateCrafterAI Analyze – The AI delves into the information, drawing on extensive databases and algorithms to understand the best promotion strategy.
Step 3: 
Receive Your Campaign – Within moments, receive a tailored campaign package that includes emails, ads, and social media content, all optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.
Step 4: 
Implement & Thrive – With everything at your fingertips, roll out your campaign and watch as your affiliate efforts reach new heights.

In the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, AffiliateCrafterAI emerges as the definitive tool for success. By combining the might of AI with the intricacies of affiliate promotion, it offers an unparalleled solution for modern marketers. With AffiliateCrafterAI, the future of efficient and effective affiliate campaigns is now.


Unlock the Future of Image Creation With ImageCrafterAI!

ImageCrafterAI is a state-of-the-art AI-powered application tailored to design dynamic and captivating images for a range of social media platforms. With intuitive prompts, an array of styles, and customization capabilities, it brings a revolution in the way content is created for digital audiences.

AI-Driven Design: Users can select from various prompts and styles. Based on the prompt chosen, ImageCrafterAI crafts unique and platform-optimized images. Seamless integration of advanced AI algorithms ensures high-quality and engaging designs.

Multiple Size Outputs: Offers automatic resizing to cater to the image size requirements of major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
- Users can also input custom sizes if they have specific dimensions in mind.

In-App Editing Tools: Allows users to further refine and customize the generated images. Tools include text addition, image overlay, animation integration, and more. Supports a range of font styles, animations, and image filters to enhance visuals.

User-Friendly Interface: Simple, clean, and intuitive UI ensures that users, regardless of their tech proficiency, can navigate and use the app with ease.

Save & Export: Once users finalize their designs, they can save projects for future edits or instantly export images in high resolution for immediate sharing.



White-Label Source Code To each App

With full access to our powerful software, you have the freedom to seamlessly rebrand and reshape it, making every interaction a unique extension of your brand's identity. Why settle for generic when you can stand out with personalized brilliance?

Hosted Version of Each App

Prefer a hassle-free approach? We've got you covered with a hosted version, ensuring you shine without any installation fuss. Why settle for generic when your brand deserves to stand out? We give you the full hosted version as well if you just want to use the app.

You Get Two Licenses For Each App

With our dynamic software, rebranding becomes a breeze. Whether you wish to shine across multiple platforms or diversify your presence, we're ahead of the game: you'll receive two licenses, allowing installations in three distinct places. Embrace flexibility and make your mark wherever you choose!

We Install The System On Our Host

Prefer to bypass the technicalities? Say no more! We'll handle the full installation on our premium hosting for you. That means zero roadblocks, swift online presence, and the ability to start accepting payments instantly. Your seamless start with each app is just a click away!

You Get A Fully Formatted Sales Page

Step into a world where first impressions are effortlessly brilliant. Our team of adept designers has meticulously curated an exquisite sales page for each app, primed for you to claim as your own. With easy-to-edit features and a ready-to-launch design, your journey to selling each app under your brand is both seamless and stylish. Dive in and let the sales magic begin!

You Get All The ESL Plugins

You get three plugins ready to transform your app into a money machine. The JVZOO and WarriorPlus direct intergration plugins that make taking payments on these two platforms a breeze and our new credits system makes this even easier to take payment with. Three plugins included here.

One Full Years Worth Of Hosting

Experience top-tier hosting on us for an entire year—absolutely free! But the perks don't stop there. After your complimentary year, continue to enjoy our premium hosting services at a mere $29 annually, a whopping $70 off the standard rate. Our super hosting account isn't just about storage; it's a holistic experience replete with cPanel access, dedicated email, SSL security, and so much more. 

Full Marketing Pack

We're not just handing you a tool; we're arming you with a treasure trove of promotional assets. Dive into our comprehensive marketing pack, meticulously curated to skyrocket your outreach efforts. From dazzling graphics, persuasive swipes, and engaging social media posts to captivating videos and eye-catching banners, we've got every facet covered. Kickstart your marketing campaign with a bang.

Full Training Videos Included

At Exclusive Software Lab our commitment to your success extends well beyond the initial setup. To ensure you harness the full power of our tool, we provide an extensive library of training videos. These are designed to guide you step-by-step, transforming you into an expert user. Whether you're aiming to boost sales or leave an indelible mark on your clients, these resources are your secret weapon. 


Embrace the cutting-edge with our credits system, empowering you to determine the pricing for credit packs tailored to your users' needs. The landscape of online payments is rapidly evolving, and it's essential to stay in sync. Many SAAS platforms are pivoting towards credit-based models, a trend driven by users' inclination to invest more and remain engaged, without the confines of a fixed monthly contract. 

Here is what this does!

  • Works direct with WarriorPlus (more platforms coming)
  • Set your own price for the bundles
  • Choose what your users see
  • Give yours users up to five different credit bundles
  • Full tutorials

Very easy to use and a great way to build a buyers list...

Step One

Let's say you set your credit pack on the sales page for a limited amount of words and at a price of $1.00. That will entice people in to test out the system and use it. You make a few cents on your sale.

Step Two

You have started to build your buyers list with micro payments. The user is in the system and testing it out. He uses up his $1.00 worth of credits what does he do next?

Step One

They buy one of your other credit packs and carry on using the system they like, they aren't trapped in a monthly payment (no one likes these) they use at their lesuire and buy more when needed. But the great thing is you are 3X your return with the credit packs and thats even if you sell the cheap.

Prepare to turbocharge your app with the game-changing 'ESL Autoresponder System' plugin. Seamlessly integrating into all our applications, it instantly transforms your app into a digital dynamo. Whether it's every sale you make or every account you generously give away, effortlessly sync them up with your beloved autoresponder. And with a grand lineup of 19 diverse integrations, you're spoilt for choice. 

Here is what this does!

  • Works with 19 different integrations more coming
  • Included intergration with Zapier
  • Plus intergration with webinarjam and everwebinar
  • Build a lit of buyers
  • Full tutorials

Introducing ESL ADPLUGIN, a cutting-edge solution designed for software developers and businesses aiming to seamlessly integrate ads and banners within their applications. With a user-friendly admin area, gain full control over the advertisements your users encounter, unlocking a new revenue stream without compromising the user experience.

Here is what this does!

  • Lets you create text ads on all your apps
  • Lets you create image ads on all yours apps
  • Control all the ads from the admin area of your apps
  • Monitize even if you giveaway for free
  • Full tutorials

Presenting ESL PAGEPLUGIN, the ultimate tool for software developers and businesses looking to craft compelling sales pages reminiscent of Gumroad's sleek design. With intuitive editing capabilities built right into the plugin, creating and customizing your sales pages has never been more effortless.

Here is what this does!

  • Create sales pages Gumroad style
  • Control the pages directly from admin
  • Full editing built in
  • Create multiple different pages
  • Full tutorials

Seize the exclusive 'Founders Deal' - an offer dripping in rarity and value. Reserved strictly for the first thirty discerning purchasers, once it's gone, it retreats into the shadows for a minimum of four weeks. Don't let hesitation rob you of this golden chance. If you've been seeking a sign, this is it. Act swiftly and secure your spot before the curtains descend on this unparalleled opportunity.


You get the products and plugins plus...

  • White-Labe and Source Code Rights
  • Hosted Version of Social CrafterAI
  • Two License For The Social Crafter AI
  • We Install The System For You
  • We Give You A Fully Formatted Sales Page
  • We Give You A years Worth Of Hosting
  • Full Marketing Pack Included
  • All Tutorials

Just To Recap Here Is What We Are Giving You...

ContentCrafterAI Worth $297

Full white-label access to the app with source code and all marketing materials included.

ESL Credits System Worth $97

Turn allour white label apps into a credit based system where you can make micron payments

ESL Autoresponder System Worth $97 

Connects with 21 systems and two webinar systems plus Zapier with more coming soon.

SocialCrafterAI Worth $297 

Full white-label access to the app with source code and all marketing materials included.

ESL Ad System Worth $97 

Lets you add advertisements to the apps so you can monitise further.

AffiliateCrafterAI Worth $297 

Full white-label access to the app with source code and all marketing materials included.

ImageCrafterAI Worth $297 

Full white-label access to the app with source code and all marketing materials included.

ESL Sales System Worth $97 

Create gumroad style sales pages for your apps.